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your organization needs a chief execution officer

Business law

Incorporation, employment matters, raising capital — we take care of the fine legal bits, for both for- and non-profits.

Meeting facilitation 

There’s a reason people hate meetings. We make sure they’re focussed and efficient, be it daily check-ins, or day-long strategy sessions. 

Outsourced chief of staff 

Good office cultures don’t just happen. We help to create and sustain open and collaborative workplaces. 

Four-day work weeks

Your employees don’t want more money. They want more time. We can show you how a shorter work week can boost productivity.


a trusted resource that handles your day to day

There won’t be long reports with confusing recommendations. You won’t see an 80-slide PowerPoint on how to “maximize efficiencies”. Our advice is practical and hands on. We get in the trenches with your management team to come up with solutions that fit your needs. And then we help implement, with ongoing fine-tuning.

Our execution team is led by David Kandestin, an experienced lawyer and business advisor. Our billing practices are transparent and competitive.


client snapshots

Legal content development and marketing

Solving everyday legal problems for British Columbians.
Learn about People’s Law School

General counsel and chief of staff support

Scaling a start-up from 2 to 20 employees and preparing them for a stock exchange listing.
Learn about Yield Growth Corp.

Governance review and training

Empowering a students’ association. 
Learn about student governance


practice isn't something you do once or twice. it's an ongoing commitment. i won't just tell you how to solve your problems — that's the easy part. i'll show you how, and teach you to develop the right habits. that's practice, and it works.

David Kandestin, founder of practice wrks



Vancouver, BC
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