practical legal and business advice in BC

better legal services

Start-up support

Incorporation, employment, commercial agreements, raising capital — I take care of the fine legal bits, for both for- and non-profits.

Deal with disputes

Handling conflicts of interest. Dealing with difficult shareholders or members. Preparing strongly worded letters. We’ll make sure legal problems are addressed effectively. 

Go-public support 

Is your company considering a leap to the public markets? I’ll handle the roadmap, the legal paper, and setting your executive team up for success.

Better engagements 

Don’t like hourly rates? Me neither.
Flat-fee engagements and creative fee models mean better aligned expectations and less surprises on invoices.

get legal peace of mind

I’m an experienced lawyer and business advisor. My advice is practical and hands on. I identify the risks and tell you how likely they are to happen. I then prepare the right legal and policy documents to make sure you’re protected.

My business law services are backed up by INK LLP, a Vancouver boutique that specializes in high-growth startups. 


client testimonials

General counsel and chief of staff support

“David scaled our start-up from 2 to 20 employees and prepared us for a stock exchange listing.”
Learn about Better Plant Sciences.

Legal content development and marketing

“David develops legal content and advises us on our obligations under the Societies Act. He is key to helping us fulfill our mission to solve everyday legal problems for British Columbians.”
Learn about People’s Law School

Governance review and training

“David educated our students and board on proper legal governance. We would have been lost without him.”
Learn about student governance

Ongoing, practical legal advice

Helping a Vancouver, digital education start-up with all things business law (COMING SOON!)


I won't just tell you how to solve your legal problems — that's the easy part. I'll tell you what risks to look out for and how much time and money you should spend to avoid them.



Vancouver, BC
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